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Diverse Learning Environments


Why Budbrooke House?

  • We are a small, independent, family run Nursery.  

  • Childrens welfare and development is always at the centre of what we do. 

  • We employ highly qualified and experienced staff who show a real passion for the development of your children. 

  • Rated OUTSTANDING and GOOD by Ofsted. 

  • We have plenty of free off-road parking for pick up and drop off. 

  • Our settings have high quality CCTV in all of our rooms and outdoor spaces for extra peace of mind.  

  • Our nutritious meals are freshly prepared in house. We operate an extensive 8 week menu.

Baby & Toddler Nursery

We take pride in being a home from home environment, where love and nurturing are at the heart of everything we do. We enable each child to be the best they can be, by providing wonderful experiences that enrich and extend their learning. 


Here at the baby and toddler nursery, we provide high quality care to children from birth. We have a free flow ethos which enables children greater independence and to progress at their own pace. Children make their own learning choices through play and exploration, allowing them to get the most out of everything they do. 


We focus on developing children’s natural curiosity and confidence so they leave nursery as inquisitive explorers with a love of learning. Our outdoor space allows children to explore freely and safely. We provide waterproofs to ensure our garden space is used all year round. 


We understand the pressures of settling a young child into nursery and going back to work. We endeavour to build strong relationships with you to ensure your child has the very best start. We focus our care around each child’s individual needs and routines. During your free settling in visits, we ask you to tell us how your child is cared for at home, so we are able to reflect this here, allowing us to truly be a home from home. 


- Ellee Gould, Nursery Manager 



We are a warm and welcoming Pre-school with a free flow approach to learning. Free flow enables the children to access all areas of the nursery independently to explore and learn through movement and freedom of choice. Our mixed age classrooms create a family of learners who learn to love, care and support each other as they grow. The children form friendships and bonds with all peers and teachers, increasing a sense of love and security and allowing their self-esteem and confidence to blossom. 


Our resource rich environment and dedicated, caring staff provide the children with a secure base to explore and learn at their own pace. Children spend time each day in free and creative play as well as having the opportunity to participate in more structured, adult led activities. However, child-led play is equally important and provides excellent opportunities for collaborative play and social development. Learning is always fun and is centered around each individual child, what enthuses, motivates and interests them. 


We have an extensive garden and lovely wooded area which provide opportunities for imaginative games, bug hunting and nature trails. 


We want families to be happy to leave their children with us and forming a good relationship with you is extremely important to us. Learning through purposeful play is very much our philosophy. Well-planned play is a key way in which young children learn with enjoyment and challenge. 


- Louise Baird & Katharine Parton, Preschool Managers


Budbrooke House operates an extensive eight week menu. All of our meals are prepared freshly onsite by our cooks, where we focus on nutrition and variety. We maintain a 5* food hygiene rating at both settings. Our cooks are trained to understand and cater for all allergies, intolerances and preferences. We hide a variety of fruits, vegetables and pulses in all of our sauces and use wholewheat products where possible. 


You will not find cakes and processed sugary foods for dessert, instead we use fresh fruit, natural yoghurts and the occasional homemade pudding. Our menu is subject to change seasonally and on the rare occasion of missing items from our delivery. At breakfast we serve a variety of low sugar cereals, fresh fruit, toast and yoghurt. We only offer milk and water to drink which cuts out unnecessary sugars. 


We use a local butcher for the majority of our meats and have glass bottles of local dairy milk delivered daily. We like to support local business where possible. 

                                        View a sample of our eight week menu

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